Design Your Destiny™ – VIP Vital Vision ™ Blueprint

You find yourself…

Despite having achieved success in the past, you have hit a low point. Success meant a lot of hard work and you don’t want to hit burn out but you do want to find your way to living the life and running the business you love.

You may have experienced a Significant Emotional Event, any of divorce, death, birth, business failure, accident, illness or whatever else you want to name as that event that has shaken you.

Alternatively, you may have been at the top of your game, rolling along, business going where you want it to, and then hit a plateau. Growth has slowed down or even stopped. You’ve tried a number of things but nothing seems to work and get you back on track.

Or, everything is going swimmingly but you feel either guilty or unfulfilled. Like you should be really happy with all your success – but no, something is still missing…

In all these situations the Most Important Work you can do today is connect or reconnect with your own inner Vision and create your authentic Vital Vision™ Blueprint. You have the answers but unless someone helps you locate the lock and turn the key open, you will probably remain in the current situation.

Clients all have their breakthrough moment in their VIP Vital Vision™ Blueprint session as they tune in to their Vital Vision Compass™ and gain their new Clarity, Focus and Direction.

This transformational experience connects all points, East, West, North and South of your Inner Compass. As you travel through this session you Experience your Vision, you Waken your Soul, you Nourish Your Spirit and you (finally)Speak Your Authentic Truth.

What you’ll get ….

  • Clear Your Mind Clutter preparation ebook to create mindspace for you to let new ideas in
  • Pre VIP Vital Vision Blueprint™ Session Day Guidance notes
  • Pre- Session Skype call – with me personally
  • VIP Vital Vision Blueprint™ Holistic Transformation Day
  • Lightbulb and Aha! Moments and Bright New Ideas
  • Your Magnificent Vital Vision Blueprint™
  • Switch ON your Brain’s RAS SAT NAV™ – your GPS for Manifesting Success
  • Courage, Confidence, Clarity, Focus and Direction
  • Photographs and Audio from your Session to review whenever you wish
  • Invite into our Visionary Women Entrepreneurs Gallery, Promotions and forthcoming book
  • Resources including 2 Mind Movies Inspirational, Motivational Affirmation Videos
  • Priority Option and Pricing to join our Next Step Magnificent Moneymaking Masterplan
  • 3 Monthly Skype Catch Up Calls for Turning Your Vision into Reality
  • Membership to Group of Visionary Women Entrepreneurs
  • Invitations, Offers and Resources, Latest News and Updates
  • Celebration Event

Ready to Let Go the Past? Move Forward into Wonderful Life you deserve?


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