Destination Me Intensive™

You find yourself…

The Clock is Ticking! Whichever clock that might be.

You are impatient for change, progress, your Dream Life you SO Deserve – AND you want it ALL to start happening now!

Perhaps you have an unfulfilled Dream, a BIG Ambition – Grow Your Business, Come out of the Shadows, Write a Book, Speak on a Bigger Stage, Get Paid for Speaking, Cut a Record, or want More Great Clients, More Often and More Money. Any – or indeed All of these. Then this programme is for You!

Maybe you are Time Poor, Stuck, Blocked, at a Cross-Roads. Too few or too many potential directions. Too few or too many ideas. Overwhelmed. Unable to match the rapid pace of business change. Frustrated, feeling unfulfilled with so much more to achieve but what, where and when? Unclear on your strengths, confidence been knocked.

OR -Impatient for change. Know you were meant for more in life and business. Unfulfilled or unclear Higher Purpose but have an inkling what it might be.

You could be extremely successful in some areas of your life and business but it is not balanced, causing resentment, issues with family and loved ones.

You are looking for answers – wanting to Clear Your Mind Clutter™; Get the Clarity, Focus and Direction that comes from knowing your True Purpose and Destiny by having a Clear and Vital Vision™ Blueprint for Success; want the Security of a Magnificent Moneymaking Masterplan™ – and you want it NOW! Plus Resources and Support to Make it Happen!

Ready to Go For It! The Clock is Ticking and this is IT! Now or Never! When nothing less than a speedy transformation will do, with access to specific resources and contacts, Membership to a group of Visionary Women Entrepreneurs who took this path before you, Invitations and Offers Latest News and Updates and ongoing 12 months accountability and support to get you over the first year finishing line.


What you’ll get …All of my 3 Magical Keys to Success – And Some…

  • Skype Discovery Call – with me personally
  • ‘Clear Your Mind Clutter’™ Pack
  • Design Your Destiny – ‘VIP Vital Vision Blueprint’™ Package – working with me personally
  • ‘Magnificent Moneymaking Masterplan’™ Package – working with me personally
  • Membership to Group of Visionary Women Entrepreneurs who have graduated
  • 12 monthly Progress Calls
  • Exclusive VIP Invitations, Offers and Resources
  • Access to my VIP Little Red Book – The Woman Power Dream Team™
  • Co-promotion Opportunities
  • Affiliate and JV Opportunities
  • Celebration Dinner – with me personally
  • Priority Opportunity to join my Exclusive Retreat


I’m In! Wasted enough time! Definitely for Me! Sign me up Now!


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