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That’s a real quote from a real Client. How is that for a recommendation to Go For It and Create the Life of Your Dreams! And Make Your Breakthrough? Imagine how that made me feel!

DO watch the videos and read some of the testimonials. Something will resonate.
So #Success looks different for every one of us. What does it look like for YOU? AND, if you find the answer to that question a Challenge – then you are absolutely in the right place, right now – I can definitely help you as I have for all the women on this page and many, many more….

How would it feel for you to be living your Perfect Life? To be Confidence and Courageous? Fulfilled and Abundant? To make Your Breakthrough to Living the Life You Love in Power, Passion and Purpose? Going from Frustrated to Fantastic and from Stuck to Success!
It is SO doable! Just check it out now! See and hear what Clients say about their experience – then get in touch with me. This magic only works when we have shared values so….

I’d LOVE ♥♥ to help you Discover Your Destiny on my Destination Me™ Programme and help you Live the Life You SO Deserve and Love

Delighted Visionary women share their #Success Stories with you. Check them out. Will you be next!

Alison Delaney

Founder of Little Bird People Development, Coach, Author of ‘Little Chick Has Lunch on the Moon
Since her Vital Vision™ Success Blueprint. Within a short time from this process Alison did the Global Launch of her ‘Little Bird Dreams Workshops’ from South Africa and is also the Founder of ‘Rise Up’ Coach.
In her Video Testimonial Alison talks about how Powerful the Vital Vision™ Blueprint session was for her, and how she was able to open up her creative mind space using ‘Clear Your Mind Clutter’ in order to be fully in the state to Design the Life and Business She Loves.

I treasure her words ‘Thank You Valerie xxx’

Karen Williams

Entrepreneur, High Level Network Marketing Professional, Trainer and Speaker

Since her Vital Vision™ Success Blueprint, Founder of Children’s Charity, The Buddy Bag Foundation UK – beating ALL targets – and Upcoming Author

“I was at a cross roads in my life! I had worked with Valerie in a previous life and had always been inspired by Valerie’s vision, enthusiasm and integrity. After a one to one session with Valerie I embarked on a Vital Vision™ visualization workshop with her that was extremely powerful and enlightening! I do believe that when you visualize you materialise your goals and dreams. Valerie however took me on a journey out of my Comfort Zone!

But I left the Universe with belief and it delivered! My business has grown and I have helped 1000’s of people save money and make money and so much more achieved!

Thank You Valerie xx”

Michele Walsh

Business Coach, Author, Speaker

Since her Vital Vision™ Success Blueprint, Creator of ‘Dream Believe Attract’ and Best Selling Author of The BIG Shift.
After only our first session Michele said “Hi Valerie. Just a quick email whilst I catch my breath. I have been full on manifesting and creating paths to my new VitalVision™ like you wouldn’t believe.

Business is ‘going through the roof’. I barely have time to sleep but I can do that on the plane. Going great guns and definitely feel like I’ve had Rocket Fuel up my rear end! Let the Good Times roll and roll.

Thank You Valerie xx”

Kala Patel

Managing Director of a Group of Day Nurseries

Since her Vital Vision™ Success Blueprint –
Established Group HQ and Awarded OBE


Julie Anne Hart

International Intuitive and Leadership Expert

Since her Vital Vision™ Success Blueprint, Founder of Wise Women Global, Wise Women Academy and other ‘Firsts’
“Valerie one big thank you for YOU are the ANGEL sent to get me out there! As you are with all women who desire to take the STAGE and SHINE I feel the newness too, so much and yes the Native Retreat was food for thought very much so. Just wanted to say thank you so much for a great day yesterday, the Vital Vision™ process is amazing Valerie, What a powerful day. I have had a lot of light bulb moments that have been miracles. What is interesting I broke through at the weekend not so much with clients but within myself. It has been a radical transformation and I was given lots of information about my niche and purpose I do feel this is due to you and what needed to come through, Thank you so much. Wow what a journey!” I feel I am back in and on track after years out big.

Thank You Valerie xxxxxx”

Karen Oehme

Business Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Speaker

Since her Vital Vision™ Success Blueprint – Founder of Vital Women Academy and Vital Chapters Book Clubs
“Valerie is an amazingly resourceful business woman whom I consulted with for her visionary, leadership and strategic business expertise. Valerie has a unique approach to strategic visioning, which not only clarified, focused and directed my business plan and ideas, but energised the seeds with water and the sun, helping them to blossom. Valerie has a calm, very nurturing, yet savvy approach. I highly recommend Valerie, who has a rapid ability to make things happen. You feel empowered and deeply supported. Thank you so much. I very much look forward to working with you x”

Chrissy White

Founder, Vibrant Gourmet

Since her Vital Vision™ Success Blueprint – Launched her ‘Goddess Gatherings’

After only one week Chrissy White: Vibrant Gourmet – and Speaker “These last days (and evenings) have been so full and interesting, not to mention exciting, especially in terms of my BIG VISION. My vision is really landing in my body and my reality and I am starting to activate it as you are preparing the VitalVision™ Success Blueprint.

Thank you hugely Valerie for being in my life and creating all new possibilities xx”

Sue Ritchie

Your Ecstatic Health, Wellness Coach and Mentor, Speaker

Since her Vital Vision Business Breakthrough Session – Author of ‘Love Your Gut’
After our session Sue said:

“I just wanted to thank you for the Business Breakthrough session. I came to the session feeling a little lost and lacking clarity of where I should be taking things.The process you took me through was very powerful. I liked your approach which was very supportive, and encouraging, but at the same time you didn’t let me off the hook, which was just what I needed. I left the session feeling excited and with a clear action plan.
Valerie is Amazing. In just a couple of hours doing a ‘Vital Vision™ Business Breakthrough Session’ that also tackled some limiting beliefs holding me back, I had my breakthrough! Powerful!
I also want to Thank You for your insights and advice. It has been really helpful in clarifying my thoughts. I really appreciate your help”.

Thank You Valerie xxx”

Bettina Yarde

MD Morgan Dias. Legal Professional Firm

Since her Vital Vision Business Breakthrough Session – Bettina became a Legal Expert on Sky Legal TV, was invited to a Reception in the Houses of Parliament; Launched a Corporate Programme; Grew her business and was recognised as a Finalist in 3 major Entrepreneurial Awards including the prestigious UK Women of The Future.
Bettina said “Valerie has assisted me with Visioning for me and my business.
She is the Perfect Coach and Mentor to help You take your business forward. I cannot speak highly enough of her!”


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