What More do You Want? Allow yourself to ponder on this – Because You are SO Worth It!

Imagine the life of your dreams, your ideal abundant life where you are both Successful AND Fulfilled, in Balance, attracting ALL that you desire – And it is SO much closer than you think, with the right guidance.
Your business no longer feels like ‘work’ because you do what you Love and Love what you do. You know instinctively what’s right for you because your clear #VitalVisionBlueprint™, created with extreme Intuition and Intention, guides you – even when you sleep!

Now you spot those wonderful opportunities that were once invisible to you.
Come with me on a journey. A journey where we open your eyes AND your subconscious to break through the barriers and step into a world you never truly thought possible! We switch on your Brain’s RAS SAT NAV© so that your #VitalVisionBlueprint™ keeps working for you – attracting your ideal life even as you sleep!

You are Confident, Happy and have everything you need to Succeed!

I’m Valerie Dwyer. If you have EVER felt Stuck, Blocked, Overwhelmed, Feel things will never get better, don’t know which way to turn and what your next step should be, Challenged in any way, then truly – I have been there too…and some…and Overcome! And I can help you do that too!

Breakthrough is my Middle Name!

Don’t get me into the Challenges, when I write my life’s story? No-one will truly believe it – it’s SO impossible – but even in the roots of the IMPOSSIBLE – lies the fact that I’M POSSIBLE!

Today I’m a Successful Serial Entrepreneur with 10 businesses under my belt; I’m a Global Speaker and Champion for Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership – having been appointed to a UK Government Taskforce for Women’s Enterprise. I’ve appeared on numerous TV and Radio programmes, both for my own businesses and championing those of Clients; been invited to 3 Royal Garden Parties for my services to Women, Entrepreneurship and The Prince’s Trust – and so much more. Check out my Linked In profile for a run though.

However, life has thrown me a few curve balls, including being paralysed after a fall from the attic of a three storey Victorian Terrace – a story of overcoming the impossible (according to my consultants!) and battling through other major challenges. All of which led me to study the Psychology of Achievement, of Success and the Mind, studying all the leading experts.

Finally I developed a Mindset and a Programme that has over 20 years enabled thousands of entrepreneurs to Create – and Live – the Blueprint for the Life of Their Dreams. From increasing their Client numbers, Sales and profitability to boost their business, to Developing Programmes, publishing their books, appearing on tv or speaking on global stages – and much more… Check out what they say and I would LOVE ♥ to help you too!

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